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Bent Frame Entertainment Media is a vertically integrated company that is home to several businesses in the creative space, including a production company, a book and music publishing company, a record label (newly established), a PR company, a management company, a recording and photography studio, a health/lifestyle brand and celiac disease resource, and a bioethics research and consulting company. Bent Frame Entertainment Media is established in NY, DC, and LA, and continues to expand its presence both nationally and internationally. Most recently, the various parts of Bent Frame created a partnership between a US skincare company and the Ambassador of Nicaragua, facilitated a collaboration with Chiara Boni La Petite Robe, landed a New York Post front page feature, secured a television distribution deal, and began development on two television shows.

The company was founded by Kaitlin Puccio, an award-winning producer and lawyer who started her career on the opposite side of the lens as an actress, model, and musician. Kaitlin oversees the management of every project that moves through Bent Frame, and is hands-on throughout the entire process. Additionally, coming from a law and ethics background as well as having personal experience on the talent side of the industry, Kaitlin strives to ensure that all artists that work with Bent Frame come to view it as a home base where they will be safeguarded against potential career pitfalls such as oppressive contracts. While there is a distinct management company within Bent Frame Entertainment Media, all talent that work with any of the Bent Frame Entertainment Media companies are provided guidance, transparency, and somewhere to turn no matter the situation.

Check back in 2023 for updates on our new sports division.